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About the projector…

April 5th, 2010

Well, the last game (Ye Olde Projector) went… okay. Honestly the time put into making a working RTS like game made it difficult to get time to explore making it fun. Unlike The Red Switch where making it fun was the first thing I did, in an empty square room. Essentially I missed the “toy” aspect.

I kinda think that’s fair enough – RTS games have been made and made well for ages and I’m not planning to make a full game out of this. If I get time, I’ll probably make a Starcraft II mod with the 10 second order/10 second watch timer. It will let you watch the cool stuff happen, almost remove the impact of lag entirely and possibly even give less skilled players a better chance all while playing a rather polished entry to the genre.

The April EGP theme is out. My game design’s working name is currently Jelly Robot Programming Grind, if I ever get time to make it. Hopefully it will actually be fun to play.

In other news, I’m currently redesigning my main website. I apologise to anyone who actually saw the incredibly blue piece of junk previously – here is what it may look like soon LINK
This may be subject to feedback. I’m hoping to look into the ability of colour blind users to see the links on the menu bar and general readability.

EDIT: New website design is live, the main site is now safe for viewing.

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