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Spacebrick – released!

February 15th, 2011

So I released Spacebrick on Kongregate today, 8 weeks or so since thinking it up for Ludum Dare 19. 8 weeks of developing a game about a brick smashing things in space and if I may say so, I really like it. Spacebrick!

The Unity Game Contest has 2 rounds of judging – first, the public votes for their top 25. That means you! So assuming you’re reading this blog because you like my games* you could go ahead and play it here: with a nice high vote to help And the second part of the judging involves a panel of judges or something. If you happen to be one of them, even better!

~5MB compressed unity3d file.
8 weeks of development.
~5000 lines of code
a bunch of sound effects and music
A whole lot of art and shaders.

*this assumes someone reads my blog, which stats suggest they mostly don’t.

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Spacebrick progress

February 1st, 2011

So about 6 weeks ago I created Spacebrick and the Window to the Stars for Ludum Dare 19 – I’ve been updating it for the Kongregate Unity Contest which has about 2 weeks left and my progress can be found here.

So as a nice pretty picture post, this is a not quite finished version of the enemies currently in-game. Every one of these enemies has its own way of fighting and different strategies are best at defeating them.
Spacebrick enemy graphics showcase
Some of these textures look a little low res – in the game you can’t tell at all, and I’ll probably render a nice big version of this on release, using the much larger source textures.
EDIT: updated with newer, bigger picture. Click for full size.

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Ludum Dare 18 – I even made music!

August 23rd, 2010

This weekend I made a game in under 48 hours on the theme “Enemies as Weapons”. It turned out pretty awesomely even considering interruptions like the Australian election (going horribly wrong D: ) and the power being off for 9 straight hours! The music was recorded using a mobile phone, too.

It’s probably worth reading the in-game instructions briefly, but that’s up to you.


You can play it online here.
Or download it for Windows here.
Or download it for Mac here.

Or if you really want to, you can download the Unity source project here.
To use the source, unzip it into a folder, load up unity and point it to that folder as the project folder.

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