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Stealth project appears from nowhere!

October 1st, 2010

But has nothing to do with stealth.

Over the last week-ish I made a game about running around crazy tunnels that mess with gravity and your head while painting it with rainbows and running away from burning mist screaming LET ME OUT DO THESE TUNNELS EVER END!? The answer is no. On the other hand, why would you want to leave?

Oh right, that burning mist thing.

Anyway, it looks like this:
Also quite awesome!
Well I like it!

And you can play it here.
Or Download it for Windows
Or Download it for MacOS X

People who actually play more than one of my games may notice that I can only compose one type of music. Still better than zero, right?

Experimental Gameplay Project, The Tunnels of Many Rooms

Yes, I was serious

September 7th, 2010

I actually improved on the state of Desktop Domains from last week. Of course, I haven’t improved much because I really have to do some work for uni studies, but you can grab it here.

Week 2 Screenshot

Desktop Domains, Experimental Gameplay Project

Netcode and half a game in a week.

August 31st, 2010

So it’s hit 7 days of dev time and I don’t really have a game as such. But what I do have looks pretty and works over the network so here it is!:

In game screenshot

It’s an unfinished RTS/god game designed to be a sort of 15-30 minute version of Civ as Desktop Dungeons is to roguelikes. (when I get it that far) I’m still working on it, so if you like the idea, bookmark the page! The buttons in the left of the menu area are graphics options, set to the highest (and slowest) options by default.

Current Prototype: Link
You may need to update your copy of DirectX.

Also, you can press escape to exit.

Desktop Domains, Experimental Gameplay Project

Keyboard not found. Press F11 to continue…

August 3rd, 2010

Apparently the Experimental Gameplay Project theme this month is “zero buttons”, focusing on the mouse and… microphone.

The first concern I have is fatigue. Get someone to wave a mouse around for 5 minutes and they’ll probably begin to hate you. It also tends to work against browser games and laptop gamers. Since I don’t actually have a microphone (or at least, not one I can find), I’ll be having a go.

Still, there are some obvious enough games to make. Attach player to mouse via spring, add enemies… mouse wheel controls spring length… sounds like a game to me. Just not one I feel like making.

Experimental Gameplay Project

The final frontbeer.

July 31st, 2010

Oh my, that title is horrible.

Well, between other projects I finally managed to create a release of Space Beerliards. It’s not exactly polished, but as it’s for the Experimental Gameplay project, that’s not unusual. However, I will try to get out a second build soon-ish, if the other projects let up a little.

Enough about that, here’s the link!

Instructions: Run SpaceBeerliards.exe
Aim at a target and hold the mouse button to charge – release to fire.

If you like to actually play as a game, choose a team (1 or 2) and grab a friend. It occurs to me that I didn’t bother to code the win condition in, but by the time anyone actually finishes a game I’ll probably have uploaded a complete(r) version. It turns out playing pool in three dimensions where the balls have a tendency to explode is really quite difficult.

You may need to update DirectX at this link.
The visual studio DLLs have been updated, so it should work now. Although, it would already have worked on a computer with a 64-bit OS and directX 10… Otherwise if it crashes on load… I probably messed up the visual studio DLLs, which I will fix in the morning. Just silently curse me until then, for taunting you with the possibility of BEERSPLOSIONS!

Experimental Gameplay Project, Space Beerliards

Pub games

July 3rd, 2010

As the rules of High Speed Chess Planet are rather complex and I was busy when I started it, that game is not yet complete. Instead, I’ve begun work on a game to fit the “Casual addiction” theme of the EGP this month. (And last month, in fact)

Space Beerliards was, appropriately enough, designed in a pub. My thought process somehow combined billiards and beer, but beer doesn’t normally come in spheres. Except in zero gravity, such as space. The terrible title was just too easy to resist. I started on the actual game code this morning, so the target is next Friday night or so.

Also, if anyone has a ridiculous epic synth/orchestral version of 99 bottles of beer, hook me up.

Experimental Gameplay Project, Space Beerliards

High-Speed Chess Planet!

May 20th, 2010

Thanks to the video game name generator, I am in fact creating a game for the EGP this month. It involves chess and extreme velocities (for chess at least) while taking place in space. Development is taking place in Unity, so it will soon be coming to a web browser near you!

Experimental Gameplay Project, High-Speed Chess Planet

A post for the hell of it.

April 26th, 2010

So, I might begin talking about what I’m actually doing at the moment.

I’m trying not to play Dwarf fortress too much, so I can actually get lots of things done.
As above, for Team Fortress 2.
And for that matter, Audiosurf and Eve Online.

Then there’s 2 subjects at uni that aren’t entirely game related but have a pretty decent levels of work. Trying to do them easily in advance.

And then there’s the cool things. I’m working on a game that’s involves piloting a shark or turtle around eating fish for one subject, in a group of 6 students. It’s moving along slowly, but it should turn out pretty nicely… more details on that some other time.

The other project I’m working on is a much larger version of Flatworld. Now it’s a game about what happens when 2D universes and the creatures residing in them are suddenly brought into a 3D universe. This may draw interesting parallels to what might happen if we tried exploring a 4th spatial dimension, as well as being an entertaining project to develop.

The situation arises when a group of forward thinking scientists of the player’s home world attempt to break out of their 2D plane and create a 3D world to inhabit. The player is one of the test subjects for 3D navigation, using a unique (in the game world) tripod style walker that has been folded into a 3D object. Using this, the protagonist can sense and navigate the new 3D universe or if they like, they can leave the walker and go back to being a 2D creature in one of the various 2D worlds that have collided to start this piece of insanity.

I’m thinking the walker would be most convincing if actually physically simulated… my preference for gameplay would probably be Mirror’s Edge/Canabalt/N/Unicorn Power Extreme Whatever That Game Is Called type mechanics that are more about moving efficiently and such. But having some paper robo-tripod that moves like Faith seems quite absurd in some ways, even if an easy way around that is just tweak both the mechanics and the character design.

Combat could quite simply be awesome fun in this environment, with all the options it presents, so I’ll have to consider it. Mono-filament weaponry, gravity or explosions confined to a single dimension, attacking totally helpless 2D creatures that can’t possibly touch you, anything that comes with technology only practical in three dimensions. That last point probably includes electricity – if you know anything about it, consider a typical generator in 2D. As far as I can tell, it requires the third dimension to generate any electricity and almost every power station we have works on that principle. Leaving solar power and battery power. There are other things to think about too, like how to make a 2D house that actually stays up.

It will clearly be in third person… the 2D sections of the game in first person are an amusing idea, and switching between the two options isn’t great either.

Oh, by the way, anyone have ideas for names? :D I have some myself, but they seem mostly… bad.


About the projector…

April 5th, 2010

Well, the last game (Ye Olde Projector) went… okay. Honestly the time put into making a working RTS like game made it difficult to get time to explore making it fun. Unlike The Red Switch where making it fun was the first thing I did, in an empty square room. Essentially I missed the “toy” aspect.

I kinda think that’s fair enough – RTS games have been made and made well for ages and I’m not planning to make a full game out of this. If I get time, I’ll probably make a Starcraft II mod with the 10 second order/10 second watch timer. It will let you watch the cool stuff happen, almost remove the impact of lag entirely and possibly even give less skilled players a better chance all while playing a rather polished entry to the genre.

The April EGP theme is out. My game design’s working name is currently Jelly Robot Programming Grind, if I ever get time to make it. Hopefully it will actually be fun to play.

In other news, I’m currently redesigning my main website. I apologise to anyone who actually saw the incredibly blue piece of junk previously – here is what it may look like soon LINK
This may be subject to feedback. I’m hoping to look into the ability of colour blind users to see the links on the menu bar and general readability.

EDIT: New website design is live, the main site is now safe for viewing.

Experimental Gameplay Project, Jelly Robot Programming Grind, Ye olde faulty battle projections

War! Purple and Blue disagree on colours.

March 14th, 2010

Overnight, combat and firefights have broken out between Purple and Blue forces after a serious altercation involving respected leaders in both factions ended in multiple hospitalisations. It is believed the argument was sparked over whether the world was generally a “sepia” colour, or more of an “olive green”.

Outposts on the border are starved for resources due to the long peace – most soldiers are unequipped and simply require armaments to enter combat. Most of their armaments have simply been delivered in crates anywhere and workers are scrambling to recover them.

Experts on the subject of colour are divided, although cinema technicians and travellers note that reels may vary in colour and both sides may in fact be correct depending on where they typically see the sky.

About the game:
Ye Olde Faulty Battle Projections is a combination between turn based and real time strategy games. Each player gets 10 seconds to order units, then watches those orders carried out for 10 seconds. Hard and insane difficulties are present because all my previous EGP games have been rather difficult and I didn’t want this one to be left out. They cheat pretty hard though.

The AI is a little odd, given that I made it in 4 hours having never created an RTS AI before. It worked out okay anyway.

Left click: select units
Left click and drag: select multiple units
Right click: Order selected units
Middle click and move mouse: rotate camera
Mouse wheel: zoom in/out

The current game
The current game

Download here!

You may need to download these for it to work:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer
OpenAL Installer for Windows

Experimental Gameplay Project, Ye olde faulty battle projections