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Development begins!

September 21st, 2009

Time to begin!

So, as I said earlier this months game is something like Braid in a strange sense. Except where Braid was an evolution of Mario, this is an evolution of Sonic. Except hacked together in a week.

And then I’ll try to find a new blog theme, because this one is rather boring.

Experimental Gameplay Project, Late to the party

September’s theme!

September 2nd, 2009

As posted here, the theme for September is “Failure”. Setting up low expectations in advance is quite prudent, so I approve.

Anyway, I had a few ideas.

  1. A game where the main hard drive carrying the game you were developing gets corrupted, and you have to find the backups before they fail too, as bad luck (or static electricity) seems to follow you today. Then when you finally find a backup, you accidentally release a super-virus on the internet and fail to survive by escape to Mars.
  2. Fail for the purposes of insurance fraud/ripping off investors. (Burnout and Stair/Truck Dismount kinda do this.)
  3. You’re in a class they you’re going to fail… but if the rest of the class fails too, they’ll scale everyone’s marks up! Cause havoc and distract your classmates without getting caught.
  4. Bridge builder extreme reverse! Build bridges that fail in as many ways as possible!
  5. Nethack + extra cruelty and no win condition.

The current idea that I’m likely to do has some similarities to Braid, but could be interesting enough to stand on its own.

Experimental Gameplay Project, Late to the party