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50 Rocks, 50 Guns.

January 25th, 2010
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The game is here! More precisely at this link. Please be prepared for a stupid difficulty curve that makes no sense.

Controls are:
W, up arrow: move forwards
A, left arrow: rotate left
D, right arrow: rotate right
Spacebar: shoot

Essentially you have a spaceship with which you must save the earth from a giant asteroid, and many high tech and improvised weapons with which to do it. In total, 100 objects take part in the gameplay (excluding the approaching planet in the background). The interesting part is that the number of asteroid chunks is exactly equal to the number you could theoretically destroy. That is, every miss means another tonne of asteroid smashing into the earth. I haven’t actually won it yet.

You may need to download these:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

DirectX has updates every few months that don’t change the version number but are still required, eg there are many updated versions of DirectX 9.0c. This uses one from August 2009 iirc.

Here’s what it now looks like:
Final game, I lost soon after this.

50 rocks 50 guns, Downloads, Experimental Gameplay Project

More development…

January 23rd, 2010

Well, it’s fatally bugged right now but I need to sleep. Anyway, a weapon is present and the game is far more complete in other ways now, so it’s all good. 2 days and you can play the game, I guess.

spaceship and asteroid!

50 rocks 50 guns, Experimental Gameplay Project

Asteroids game under construction

January 21st, 2010

The basic idea of this game is “test out as many weapon ideas as you can in a week”. After 3 days the game is almost complete. Well, except the part where it currently contains zero weapons, instead of 50. And only one asteroid instead of 50. But apart from that it’s all there. So it’s really “test out as many weapon ideas as you can in 4 days”.

The game will also contain laughably hacky edge wraparounds. Known bug, never going to be fixed.

Here’s a screenshot.
spaceship and asteroid!

50 rocks 50 guns, Experimental Gameplay Project

Development starts tomorrow

January 17th, 2010

Okay, development on 50 rocks, 50 guns starts tomorrow. This is largely because the framework I’ve been putting together is much more complete now, and includes GUI, physics, graphics and sound, etc. I might see if there could even be sound for this one, I don’t generally record sound effects myself and hate searching libraries of free ones for things that fit.

50 rocks 50 guns, Experimental Gameplay Project

And after completely not delivering a game last month…

January 8th, 2010

I’ll be sure to make one this month. Right.

Anyway, the theme is “100 things”. My current idea is something like asteroids, but with 50 different objects/weapons and 50 asteroids to destroy… each object only killing one asteroid. To win, you have to destroy all the asteroids, which won’t be easy. You also have a time limit, as the asteroids are on a collision course with this very planet.

In a way it doesn’t seem very original, but I think it could be fun anyway. Here’s a concept of the player vehicle:
Spaceship concept

50 rocks 50 guns, Experimental Gameplay Project