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Obligatory Anti-DRM post!

February 18th, 2010

Okay, today ubisoft were revealed to be completely insane!

I suppose that’s not really a shock to anyone. Anyway, basically, if you ever disconnect from the internet, or their servers go down while you play one of their single player games, you die. Instantly. For no worthwhile reason at all.

So I wrote asked them a question in their feedback system.

Although I have not played many recent ubisoft games and haven’t finished Assassin’s creed yet, I have been interested in Assassin’s creed 2.

It concerns me then, that since I do not have a magical perfect internet connection (far from it) and games tend to frustrate me enough with badly spaced checkpoints, that even if I do nothing wrong, my internet connection or your servers can effectively kill me at any time, as seen here:

PS: The funniest part is, your server disconnected me AS I WAS WRITING THIS VERY MESSAGE. My internet didn’t even go down!

Luckily I had copied it elsewhere for crossposting to my blog. Funny, that.

Anyway, that’s all completely true. Well, except the unreliable internet connection – it goes through phases. In phases where it works well, I play MMOs. Grrr.

I’m honestly not against DRM in general. Steam is tolerable as it provides other benefits and generally doesn’t prevent you from playing games you own. I don’t like online activation for single player games, but since I do have the internet it doesn’t really stop me doing anything.

UPDATE: I did get a couple of responses, they didn’t really say much and the DRM seems to be going ahead and not being playable for laptop users anyway. Oh well. I’ll probably end up skipping all of Ubisoft’s games, unless they actually release Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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