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The final frontbeer.

July 31st, 2010

Oh my, that title is horrible.

Well, between other projects I finally managed to create a release of Space Beerliards. It’s not exactly polished, but as it’s for the Experimental Gameplay project, that’s not unusual. However, I will try to get out a second build soon-ish, if the other projects let up a little.

Enough about that, here’s the link!

Instructions: Run SpaceBeerliards.exe
Aim at a target and hold the mouse button to charge – release to fire.

If you like to actually play as a game, choose a team (1 or 2) and grab a friend. It occurs to me that I didn’t bother to code the win condition in, but by the time anyone actually finishes a game I’ll probably have uploaded a complete(r) version. It turns out playing pool in three dimensions where the balls have a tendency to explode is really quite difficult.

You may need to update DirectX at this link.
The visual studio DLLs have been updated, so it should work now. Although, it would already have worked on a computer with a 64-bit OS and directX 10… Otherwise if it crashes on load… I probably messed up the visual studio DLLs, which I will fix in the morning. Just silently curse me until then, for taunting you with the possibility of BEERSPLOSIONS!

Experimental Gameplay Project, Space Beerliards

In the interests of ever decreasing comprehensibility…

July 7th, 2010

… the word of the day is beersplosion. Here is an early sighting of said anomaly:
Beer, exploding.

The camera it was taken with is rather bad and as such, all the beer is completely opaque. Obviously. Anyway, I’ll get to work on some better graphics a little later in the week.


Pub games

July 3rd, 2010

As the rules of High Speed Chess Planet are rather complex and I was busy when I started it, that game is not yet complete. Instead, I’ve begun work on a game to fit the “Casual addiction” theme of the EGP this month. (And last month, in fact)

Space Beerliards was, appropriately enough, designed in a pub. My thought process somehow combined billiards and beer, but beer doesn’t normally come in spheres. Except in zero gravity, such as space. The terrible title was just too easy to resist. I started on the actual game code this morning, so the target is next Friday night or so.

Also, if anyone has a ridiculous epic synth/orchestral version of 99 bottles of beer, hook me up.

Experimental Gameplay Project, Space Beerliards